Our Solutions

At DMR our mission is simple, to understand Caribbean markets.

Our key services include data collection services, fieldwork provision and management, market entry & sizing, perception and opinion research, satisfaction & loyalty research, usage & attitude studies, brand health tracking, market segmentation, recruitment for qualitative projects, concept & usability testing, secondary research and strategic analysis with tailor made recommendations to address business questions.

DMR has vast qualitative and quantitative capabilities across the Caribbean with databases developed to facilitate quick polls and telephone interviews. Our methods for data collection included but is not limited to focus groups, in-depth interviews, intercept surveys and CATI projects.



Data Collection Services

Interested in conducting research on your own? Our fieldwork team can be provisioned to execute CAPI, CASI or CATI surveys across the region


Translation Services

Translation of research instruments such as questionnaires and moderator’s guides, are included in our service line. We also translate open-ends and transcripts.


Facility Set-Up & Rental

Already have a Moderator? Use our facility to conduct your own qualitative research, If not we can provider the moderator and everything else you may need.



Focus Group Discussions

Get it straight from the consumer live. Know what your customers are thinking through open group discussions, activities, and journal exercises .


In-Depth Interviews

When its difficult to reach specific respondents such as managers and high level executives, hear back through executive interviews instead.

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Online Panels

Measure and profile your customers using online panels. Conduct online surveys over time among the same group of people with similar characteristics.




At DMR we believe segments are not found, they are created. This solution is a proprietary process that provides a clear portrait of your target customer and answers who are the untapped profitable markets and how to reach them.

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Attitude & Usage Studies

​Our usage and attitude (U&A) studies involves research which aims to clearly understand the market and its customers. It also identifies growth opportunities by answering the 5 Ws + H; Who to target, When, Why, What, Where and How.

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Brand & Advertising Tracking

We understand that it is important to study brand health, but instead of simply tracking repetitive data, we go deeper to investigate the ‘Why’ behind the trend. With this approach we are able to create a clear roadmap to enduring the health of your brand.

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